– first I drink the coffee, then I do the things –

This is how my toddler insisted on riding in the cart at Trader Joes

My hair is currently air drying from the shower I took two hours ago (not because I have thick hair, but because I literally just took it out of the turban towel I’ve had on my head for an hour and a half), I shaved my legs today for the first time in a week, I’ve changed my clothes 3 times thanks to my toddler, I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee at 12pm, I’ve been up since 5:45AM (which is sleeping in for me because said toddler gets up at 5am, but slept in til 6:30 today! No I was awake because my husbands alarm went off and he’s that type that has three alarms set for every few minutes and snoozes each one several mother effing times), I’ve done several loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, gone to Trader Joe’s and Target, picked up the floor in the playroom twice (with the intention of mopping while the 2 year old napped, but I decided that my hairy legs took precedent to having a clean floor), all while feeding the growing 5 and 2 year old 173 snacks, breakfast and lunch (they didn’t really eat that many snacks, they would if I let them have a free for all in the pantry, but they’ve definitely asked for 173 snacks, or in toddler talk “mama nom nom! NOM NOM!!!”)…… I’m also counting down the hours til it’s acceptable for me to pour myself a glass of wine. If your wine time coincides with when you get your school aged child home from school, then we could potentially be best friends. If you also realized that my title for this post is from Gilmore Girls, then we could definitely be best friends.

This post I wanted to point out some of the normal day to day things that I do, not that I go to Target every day (my husband would probably divorce me if I did that). My son had me up at 2:30am this morning because he had a stomach ache, now if you talk to me regularly then you know his stomach ache is something of the norm lately. So I simply pulled him in to bed with us and he went back to sleep, I wasn’t so fortunate so I laid in bed looking at some other mommy blogs on my phone and I stumbled across one that was a single mother who wrote a post a couple years ago on how offended she is by the term “married single parent”. I apologize if I offend single parents by using this term, trust me I praise you for being a single parent and honestly have no idea how you do it. One of my very close friends is a single parent and I think the world of her and the job she is doing to raise her son. Any way back to this other single parent that takes extreme offense because of married people using this term, she claims it casts single parenthood in a negative light. I am definitely not trying to do that in any way, I am simply emphasizing how compound my role as a mother is because I’m alone with my children 90% of the time. I will never dismiss how hard it is to be a single parent, if anything I will buy you a drink and reiterate to you a thousand times that you are a God.

With that said, I started this blog to express myself in a satirical manner to help me cope and learn to be a better ‘married single parent’ for my babes. Also just to jot down the daily wit that spills from the kids mouths, the frustrations I entail with have little to zero adult interaction throughout the entire day, and the all around joys of motherhood. There will be a lot of sass, probably a lot of crying on my part (luckily you won’t have to see that, unless you want to, I mean I won’t mind the company), AND us exploring our new city in Southern California (we’ve been here for almost two months so you’re just joining us for the fun part).

Enjoy the ride, I know I will.

Xo, – The Married Single Mama

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