– the 5 year old, aka learning experience –


First let me start off by saying that I don’t know how spectacular this post will be. Hubby is off today (yayyyyyyy partyyyy!! oh wait jk the 2 year old still only wants me, even had a full blown snotty temper tantrum because she wanted me to give her the NOM NOM snack and not daddy. insert eye roll here).

Anyways, I thought I would give each child their own introductory post to give more insight on my day to day and the craziness my household entails. (insert annoying husband sitting down on the couch next to me WATCHING ME TYPE THIS and asks me to put something on the TV for him even though the remote is in between us…. I swear sometimes he is worse than the kids… love you babe!)

The five year old: noun, verb, adjective, all of the above. the five year old the size of a seven year old, wise beyond his years, extremely bright, heart of gold, could probably outdo the energizer bunny, smartass and comic without even knowing it, and my husband and I joke that he is our mathlete not our athlete.

Born 4 days post due date. He was 9lbs 6oz and 21inches long. NATURALLY. EPISIOTOMY.

That’s all the birth part I’ll tell because I could go on and terrify expectant mothers, I’ll save that for another post.

Fast forward to present day and my baby boy will be 6 years old in 2 months. how.did.this.happen.

He is amazing. I literally do not know how I got so lucky to be his mother. True it can be completely exhausting, his brain and his body NEVER stop. I know most moms will say that. BUT HE REALLY NEVER STOPS!! Even if you catch him on the brink of falling asleep, his little feet (which are actually quite huge) are still rubbing against the blankets and he’ll be mumbling to you about some gibberish on how alien tranformers are real or how his brain controls everything in his body, from his lungs filling with air, to pumping blood, to moving his toes, to raising an eyebrow… As I sit and am amazed at the things that fill his brain he will then jump the charts in another direction and claim “my tummy hurts”, “my leg itches”, “this part of my bone in my arm hurts”, etc… insert the whiny/complaining phase here. It drives me crazy. Not jus a little, but actually want to pull my hair out crazy because he had a few months last year where it ended and he wouldn’t complain and then the past 4 months or so have been FULL BLOWN MAGNIFIED WHINING. If you have helpful tricks on how I can get rid of this permanently and without the use of duct tape, then PLEASE tell.

-Besides the whining he’s a wonderful kid, very emotionally in tune with others, if he sees someone crying then he tries to comfort them immediately. I’m always amazed at the amount of empathy a 5 year old can have, I know many grown adults that don’t even know how to empathize with others.

-The best big brother (most of the time – ya know when he isn’t whining and she mimics the whining).

-Incredibly bright, he’s got a photographic memory and catches on to things almost immediately. He once transformed a toy transformer that was an age range of 8+ and Adam and I couldn’t even figure it out (yes I read the directions, they were stupid).

–Mathlete not athlete, so we had him involved in soccer and T-Ball over the past couple years, he was the kid catching butterflies in the outfield or playing with the net while in the goalie box. Maybe one day when he grows in to his size and is a bit more coordinated he will be more interested.

He loves to dance, and has got his own genre of moves. Whether it be to Frank Sinatra, Pharrell, or the Madagascar ‘I like to move it, move it’ song, the kid loves to bust out whenever his heart desires. Especially if there is a mirror around, he inherited my husbands vanity of loving to stare at themselves in the mirror. Even today at school drop off, he climbed in to the front seat while we waited for the gate to be unlocked and asked if he could pull the visor down…. he then continued to stare at himself in the mirror and make silly faces.

—I could probably make this in to an entire novel, but I feel like I’ve probably already made this long enough to lose the interest of some people. There are not enough words, or even any proper English words that can fully describe this spectacular little man that I am lucky enough to be the mama of. He may make me want to pull my hair out on a daily basis, but at least I know he will be there rubbing my back while I cry about having no hair saying “It’s okay mom, I still love you”. —


Xo, Married Single Mama

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