– oh hi there, I am alive –

Hello blog world and whoever the hell actually reads this. I’ve had about a month long hiatus, for no reason in particular other than being busy, and tired, and then more busy, and more tired. I do not understand how mom bloggers do this frequently and like mom at the same time. In the past month my son has turned 6 and we threw him a lego birthday party so I was busy prepping for that with decor and what not, I hosted Easter for the first time ever, we had Spring Break (my parents took the kids for a few days and the hubs and I had a little getaway in Del Mar, we’ve had doctor appointments, colds, double ear infections, etc, etc, broken dog legs, family quarrels, etc, etc, oh and obviously Disneyland trips!
Between all of that I didn’t feel witty enough to give you actual quality material. I still don’t, but I figured I’d drop in and say HI I AM STILL ALIVE! Just busy!
But as of today I signed up for the gym, where I’ll be able to drop the babes at the daycare for 2 hours, work out for one of them and then maybe get a little me time during the other. Maybe I’ll devote some of that time to entertaining you lovely folks. Or maybe the gym will just help me gain some clarity and be able to better time manage my life? Who knows! Guess we will see. In the meantime here are some pics from the past month to get you by.

Xo, -Married Single Mama

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