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  1. I shouldn’t be writing, I should be taking advantage of the fact that the toddler is actually asleep (going on one hour), but I figured if I am going to stick to this blog and be fully committed (well as much as my children and life allow me to be), then I need to sit my ass down and do it (even though I’m not technically sitting because I have banana bread in the oven and my floors are wet and I have yet to move my barstools back to the counter).
  2.  If this post is spacey, then I apologize, but if you are SO annoyed by it don’t read this blog anymore. motherhood = space cadet (I have to pause to adult, ya know like not burn the banana bread, or if the toddler wakes up, or if I finish my coffee and need a refill [unless it’s nighttime and then I must refill the wine glass… duh]).



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Yesterday was our third time going since my husband surprised us with our annual passes about a month ago. I LOVE Disneyland, but then again who doesn’t? If you don’t love Disney, do you even have a soul? Especially when you have kids. I mean don’t get me wrong, taking a 5 and 2 year old to Disneyland all the time is super exhausting. The two year old wants to be held the whole time we are in line (only by me), they both want every damn gift in sight (it is the worst having to walk thru a gift shop after getting off a ride, especially if it is my husband getting off of Star Tours), one wants to go do this and the other wants to go do that, and my husband wants to be lackadaisical and wander through the French Quarter (I would love to do that too… SANS KIDS), and then you throw my control freak self in the mix and it is definitely a trying day. But seeing the pure joy it brings to our kids is TOTALLY worth it. The two year old is finally comfortable enough with it being her 3rd time, and actually interacts with the characters and is vocal on the rides. Money well spent? Hell yes!


Throughout the next year of going I will be sharing my finds and my tips/tricks, if you use them, I hope you’re good at speed walking.

By now if you have read my blogs from the beginning, ya know 5 posts ago, you should know my husband is a chef.. so one of our guilty pleasures is the Disney Food Bucket List that one of my girlfriends shared with me a few weeks ago. So far we have made it through the Clam Chowder Bread Bowl served at Pacific Wharf Café in California Adventure. I love bread, but I am not the biggest soup fan. I did thoroughly enjoy this though and would definitely go back for more one day, right next to the Café is the Pacific Wharf Distribution Co., pair that bread bowl with a Karl Strauss beer and it is perfection! I personally enjoyed the Amber Ale, I did however feel like I was going to explode after eating all the chowder, bread and beer, so maybe don’t head over to any crazy rides afterwards.

The other food bucket list item we have hit is over in Carsland of California Adventure at Sally’s Cozy Cones. The Chili Cone Queso, and the Chicken Verde in a Bread Cone. I had the Chili and the hubs had the Chicken Verde. They were both super enjoyable, definitely filling for me (but I eat like a bird so that means nothing). The chicken verde definitely had a bit more spice to it, but both of us enjoy spice so not a big deal. It got the chefs stamp of approval, so winning!


That’s all of my finds that I have tried thus far. My list of “to try” is growing by the day, I happened to stumble upon a Brewhouse (by the Monsters Inc. ride in California Adventure) while we were heading out of the park that serves Micheladas with Tecate, and yes I will definitely be trying that next time. They also offer Hard Root Beer Floats, I could definitely enjoy one of those but it won’t be my immediate go-to, maybe one day later on I’ll get to one of those.

Talking about this delicious food has made me hungry, and my banana bread is done so I might as well go indulge a little bit, plus I really should finish the rest of my floors.

Toodles for now!

Xo, -Married Single Mama


— we also met Darth Vader yesterday at the Star Wars Launch Bay, my husband geeked out hard so I will leave you with this picture of him being stupidly excited to meet the dark lord —